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      La filosofia architettonica [1]
      La necesidad de nuevos enfoques para estudiar la arquitectura tradicional en el proceso de formación arquitectónica [1]
      Lack of regulation on the energy efficiency in Serbia in terms of the assessment of the impact of thermal bridges [1]
      Land use and master planning under the pressure of informal city growth: case study of Belgrade [1]
      Land Use Planning and Transport Planning in Synergy to Upgrade Informal Settlements: Case of Belgrade [1]
      Learning by Doing as an Architectural Education Teaching Method: Petnica Summer School Case Study [1]
      Learning from the landscape [1]
      Learning from the Landscape: Toward Socially Responsible Architectural Education [1]
      Legacy of the Triad: Architecture in Medieval Serbia between Style and Ideology in the Work of Aleksandar Deroko [1]
      Legacy of the triad: architecture in medieval Serbia between style and ideology in the work of Aleksandar Deroko [1]
      Lessons of Urbanism of Belgrade from the 19th Century [1]
      Life cycle cost elements of the architectural projects [1]
      Lifestyle as a resource for re-structuring Romani urban housing [1]
      Light-emitting diodes in street and roadway lighting - a case study involving mesopic effects [1]
      Lighting features life cycle analysis for a lighting system [1]
      Lighting in the urban context case study: Exterior decorative lighting of St. Marko's Church in Belgrade [1]
      Lighting up the Landmarks with Information About the Environment [1]
      Limit vs. Center – sub specie aeternitatis: The city between mythology, philosophy and ideology [1]
      Livability and Social Integration vs. Economic Crisis and Trends of Transition: Case Study of Local Planning in Belgrade [1]
      Liveable Open Public Space - From Flaneur to Cyborg [1]