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      Teaching method: ‘Integrative urban design game’ for soft urban regeneration [1]
      Teaching sustainability: concept of Smederevo as a healthy city [1]
      Technical and economic analysis of road lighting solutions based on mesopic vision [1]
      Technical intelligence and Serbian village [1]
      Technological and environmental aspects of rapid housing construction [1]
      Technological solutions for covering archaeological sites in order to present mosaics in situ – case studies [1]
      Tehnologija upravljanja i održavanja objekata u Srbiji [1]
      Ten Reports on Recent Serbian Art Books [1]
      Tendencies in housing development in European countries: how they can be applied in Serbia [1]
      Tendencies in newly-built multi-family housing in Serbia : outlook of urban experts [1]
      Tensile Membrane Structure Forces Dependence on Different Parameters Under Point Load Action [1]
      Teorija planiranja: prilog kritičkom mišljenju u arhitekturi [1]
      Termički mostovi u zgradama kao posledica urbanističkih transformacija [1]
      Territorial information system model to support sustainable urban development in Serbia [1]
      Territorial information systems (TIS) as an instrument for developing social capital in local communities in Serbia [1]
      Territorial Planning as a Creative Tool for the Upgrading of Cultural Tourism [1]
      Territorial Planning as a Creative Tool for the Upgrading of Cultural Tourism in Golubac, Serbia [1]
      Textile membrane structures in refurbishment of built heritage [1]
      The 1923 Belgrade Master Plan - historic town modernization [1]
      The 20th century Belgrade passages: A typological analysis and critical examination of the potentials of space [1]