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Safety in social and urban restoration context of today’s cities

dc.creatorVaništa Lazarević, Eva
dc.creatorIvanović, Milena
dc.creatorTrgovčević, Filip
dc.description.abstractSince the beginning of the 21st century we have been faced with new, totally different and complex questions regarding safety in cities. Today, we are not focused anymore on regular fighting against criminal problems; cities are overwhelmed by all threats, from natural disasters, poverty and misery to the processes of migration. The goal of this paper is to study the cause and stimuli and to do some analysis for further research. The goal will be to make resilient cities where we consider safety the most important factor. Phenomena which we find in the cities, even if they could not be presumed or planned, will be further investigated. Poverty in cities is something we already fight against, but it is an indicator of future instability and crime. Development of disaster resilient communities is an element which has already been worked on globally. By identifying factors of urban renovation, experts should be open to explore the concepts which bring new ideas about urban resistance enforcements. While concept of instable or “zero tolerance” is defined as sensitive to stressors, anti-fragilities are connected with generation of positive answers to damage. Constant estimation needs to be focused on advantages and weaknesses of unexpected events. When it comes to migrations, guidelines should follow the American model – almost two centuries of co-existence. It should be pointed out that there is an active political and professional will to create a healthy, strong, and mixed settlement. By multicultural enforcement in public places during urban regeneration and transformation, we should take into account both local interest, public, private and the new
dc.publisherBeograd : Univerzitet, Fakultet bezbednostisr
dc.sourcePrva naučna konferencija "Urbana bezbednost i urbani razvoj" = First Scientific Conference "Urban Security and Urban Development" (21.06. 2017 ; Beograd)sr
dc.subjectSocial and urban restorationsr
dc.titleBezbednost u kontekstu socio-urbane obnove u gradovima današnjicesr
dc.titleSafety in social and urban restoration context of today’s citiessr
dcterms.abstractВаништа Лазаревић, Ева; Трговчевић, Филип; Ивановић, Милена; Безбедност у контексту социо-урбане обнове у градовима данашњице; Безбедност у контексту социо-урбане обнове у градовима данашњице;

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