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      Paradoxes of a Cultural Divide: European Identities and the Appropriation of Byzantine Architecture in the 19 and 20th Century [1]
      Parametric curves and surfaces: Mathematica demonstrations as a tool in exploration of architectural form [1]
      Partial interventions on the facades in the process of energy renovation of residential buildings - examples from the Serbian construction practice [1]
      Participative Placemaking in Serbia: The Use of the Limitless GIS Application in Increasing the Sustainability of Universal Urban Design [1]
      Participatory Intensity [1]
      Participatory public art: A sustainable place-making practice [1]
      Participatory Web-GIS platform to support Community-Led Local Development of Cultural Tourism in Serbia [1]
      Patchwork or matrix?: Testing the capacity of the contemporary city [1]
      Pedagogic potential of a parametric system based on the box packing concept [1]
      Pedagogic Potential of a Parametric System based on the Box-Packing Concept [1]
      Perfected nature: The Belgrade fairground (1953-1957) [1]
      Performance based approach in design of freeform space structures [1]
      Performativni model - relacioni, genetski i kodirani pristupi u arhitektonskom projektovanju [1]
      Periferna imperija, unutrašnja kolonizacija: jedan istorijski primer [1]
      Peripheral Empire, Internal Colony: Yugoslav National Pavilions at the Paris World Exhibitions in 1925 and 1937 [1]
      Perspective of sustainable social development and development of public services in Kuršumlija municipality [1]
      Perspectives for urban experts in future urban development and mobility practice in Serbia [1]
      Perspectives that arise for preventive medicine from the synergy of urban and rural areas [1]
      Perspektiva održivog socijalnog razvoja i razvoja javnih službi opštine Kuršumlija [1]
      Peter Eisenmann in dialog with architects and philosophers [1]