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      100 godina transformacije koncepta javnog interesa u prostornom razvoju Srbije: razumevanje društvenog konteksta [1]
      3D animation applications in descriptive geometry teaching [1]
      4 of 7. Elastic diary of the research by design [1]
      A Comparison of Urban Shrinkage? Romania and Serbia [1]
      A critical overview of the Belgrade climate change adaptation action plan [1]
      A Feminist Approach to Space: How Women "Project Their Home Environment" Through Visual Arts [1]
      A Flower for the Dead: The Memorials of Bogdan Bogdanović, Achleitner Friedrich [1]
      A method for case selection in strategic urban planning [1]
      A model of the preventive restoration of architectural structures by steel and glass [1]
      A Modification of the Random Curds Model by Markov Chain as a Design Tool in Architecture [1]
      A modified CIE mesopic table and the effectiveness of white light sources [1]
      A necessidade de novas abordagens ao estudo da arquitectura tradicional no processo de ensino da arquitectura [1]
      A new approach to renewal and presentation of an archaeological site as unique cultural landscape [1]
      A New Course on R& D Project Management in Computer Science and Engineering: Subjects Taught, Rationales Behind, and Lessons Learned [1]
      A new dialogue between the past and future - the archaeological site of Viminacium, within the new national and international frameworks [1]
      A new life of the Ottoman fortress Ram [1]
      A New Regulatory Framework as both an Incentive and Constraint to Urban Governance in Serbia [1]
      A New Tool for Assessment of Contextuality of Architecture [1]
      A Novel Approach for the Selection of Power-Generation Technology Using a Linguistic Neutrosophic CODAS Method: A Case Study in Libya [1]
      A selection of International Academic Conference "Places and Technologies 2014" Belgrade, Serbia [1]