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      ICT and New Generations of Professionals − Are We on the Threshold of a Change? [1]
      ICT instruments as possible support for the equal distribution of population [1]
      ICT potential for tourism in rural areas [1]
      Ideja o održivom razvoju [1]
      Identification and classification of brownfield locations in Danube region in Serbia [1]
      Identifikacija i klasifikacija braunfild lokacija na teritoriji Podunavlja u Srbiji [1]
      Identifying Students’ Information Needs in the Era of Information and Communication Technologies − Is Serbia on the Threshold of Change? [1]
      Identity of new media spaces [1]
      Igor Marić: Regionalizam u srpskoj modernoj arhitekturi, Beograd, Institut za arhitekturu i urbanizam (IAUS), 2015 [1]
      Image of sustainable places [1]
      Images of Imperial Legacy: Modern Discourses on the Social and Cultural Impact of Ottoman and Habsburg Rule in Southeastern Europe. Studien zur Geschichte, Kultur und Gesellschaft Südosteuropas [1]
      Images of the Nation Foreseen: Ivan Meštrović's Vidovdan Temple and Primordial Yugoslavism [1]
      Impacts of traditional architecture on the use of wood as an element of facade covering in Serbian contemporary architecture [1]
      Implementing sustainable planning of Smederevo territory through concepts of agro tourism and healthy city [1]
      Implication of infiltration on building energy demand- a review of verification methods [1]
      Importance of Multi Sector Collaboration in Dealing with Climate Change Adaptation. The Case of Belgrade [1]
      Importance of the color of light for the illumination of urban squares [1]
      Improvement of City Competitiveness by Re-Mixing of Inner Strengths [1]
      Improvement of energy performances of dwelling housing in Belgrade [1]
      Improvement of energy performances of existing buildings by application of solar thermal systems [1]