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      Maintenance and condominium living– reciprocal learning from Serbia, Israel and Australia [1]
      Making Objects of Altered Aesthetics [1]
      Mali gradovi kao medijatori prostorne rezilijentnosti - studija slučaja mreže naselja u Vojvodini [1]
      Mali restoran u centru Beograda: "BG Burger Bar" [1]
      Management of Rapid Growth in the Rift between the Principles of Sustainability, Market Requirements and Strategic Planning – the Possible Approaches to Local Planning of National Park Kopaonik Area [1]
      Mapping the vernacular environment: Serbian village atlas as a step towards an eco-village network [1]
      Marc-Antoine Laugier's aesthetic postulates of architectural theory [1]
      Material Aspect of Energy Performance and Thermal Comfort in Buildings [1]
      Mayors as creators of the role of general urban plan [1]
      Mechatronics in architecture: design research methodology [1]
      Media architecture and sustainable environment [1]
      Metal connector plate - experimental determination of plate anchorage capacity [1]
      Metalni konekter - eksperimentalno određivanje nosivosti bočne veze [1]
      Methodological framework for shrinking cities case study research: northwest region of Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      Methodology for Generating Future Housing Identities [2]
      Methodology for Residential Building Stock Refurbishment Planning—Development of Local Building Typologies [1]
      Methodology of development of information support to urban sustainability on a local government level in transitional countries – Experiences of Serbia [1]
      Methodology of hybridization in architecture: elementality readings in axonometric drawings [1]
      Methodology of integrated survey in process of digital documentation of architectural heritage [1]
      Methods and techniques to support cognitive processes of territorial resilience in developing countries - case study of Serbia [1]