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      Quantifying the density-quality of photogrammetrically created point-clouds of linear architectural/urban elements as a function of shooting distances and number of camera positions i.e. shooting-directions [1]
      Railway terminals: Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility [1]
      Rational or Collaborative Model of Urban Planning in Serbia: Institutional Limitations [1]
      Razlika u funkciji sličnosti - arhitektura ruskih emigranata u Srbiji između dva svetska rata i konstrukcija srpskog nacionalnog identiteta [1]
      Razvoj i primena eksplorativnih alata u oblasti arhitektonske geometrije - L-sistemi [1]
      Razvoj tehnika građenja u stambenoj arhitekturi Beograda tokom 19. i početkom 20. veka [1]
      Re-Conceptualization of the Idea of Neighborhood in Post-Socialist Belgrade [1]
      Re-use of historic buildings and energy refurbishment analysis via building performance simulation a case study [1]
      Reading architecture - Layers of interpretation [1]
      Reafirmation of natural and current values by planning and construction system of visitor centers [1]
      Reaktivacija prirodnih potencijala Beograda - biofilija i biomimikrija kao nove komparativne prednosti [1]
      Reality greater than reality: Shakespeare at the end of architectural studies [1]
      Recommendations for energy efficient and visually acceptable street lighting [1]
      Recommendations for selection and proper use of fire-resistant construction materials [1]
      Reconstruction and revitalization of the complex Senara, within The Monastery Hilandar, in order to adapt to modern trends and social changes [1]
      Reconstuction of a traditional house and its functional modification into a ""Town House"" Museum in Leskovac [1]
      Recycled pet ((Poly) ethylene-terephthalate) used as straps for rebar binding [1]
      Recycling Architecture: the Redefinition of Recycling Principles in the Context of Sustainable Architectural Design [1]
      Redefinicija procesa projektovanja i relizacije arhitekture u novonastajućoj arhitekturi po principu "digitalnog lanca" [1]
      Redefining space of the contemporary context of the city: Movement and perception as aspects of accessibility [1]