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      Valorisation and revitalization of heritage alongside Danube river: case study of Smederevo castle [1]
      Value framework for evaluation of land banks/funds [1]
      Vernacular architecture in Serbia in the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries Transformation and Disappearance [1]
      Videti energiju [1]
      Vidosava Golubović and Irina Subotić, Zenit 1921-1926 [1]
      Vidovdanski hram Ivana Meštrovića, stvaranje Jugoslavije i paradoksi nacionalizma [1]
      VinoGrad [1]
      Virtual social networks as a booster for reaching livable villages: examining Serbian cases [1]
      Vis-à-vis Communication? Digital and Physical Spaces of Interaction in the Contemporary City [1]
      Visitor Center as a Viable Alternative for Cultural Landscape: The Case of the Remains of the Trajan Bridge on the River Danube [1]
      Visitor Centres as a Contribution to Improving Urban-Rural Relations: From Primary Needs to Landmarks [1]
      Visitors' centers at archeological sites in Serbia as an input for sustainable development of the country [1]
      Visitors’ centers: New coordinates of Serbian rural areas improvement [1]
      Visual effects of miscellaneous urban pattern of Barcelona [1]
      Visual illusion of the change of the size of architectural and urban objects observed upon a change of the observer's distance: Parameters that influence it phenomenologically [1]
      Vizija identiteta i model kulture: Srpske pravoslavne crkve izvan granica Srbije 1918-1941 [1]
      Vizitorski centri - nove koordinate unapređenja ruralnih područja Srbije [1]
      Vizitorski centri na arheološkim lokalitetima u Srbiji kao podsticaj ekonomskom razvoju zemlje [1]
      Vulnerability of natural and cultural heritage in relation to climate change - new challenge for spatial and urban planning [1]
      Vulnerability of public space and the role of social networks in the crisis [1]