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dc.creatorĐukić, Aleksandra
dc.creatorStupar, Aleksandra
dc.creatorAntonić, Branislav
dc.description.abstractThe subject of the chapter is the transformation of the urban matrix in the Northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. Being placed at the crossroads of important trans- European corridors, this territory in Southern Pannonia has always been exposed to various influences and shifts of power, which have left a significant mark on their urban matrix. The most prominent period was certainly Habsburgs' rule in Southern Pannonia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which radically reshaped inherited organic medieval-oriental matrix into planned, orthogonal regulation. This, Habsburg legacy has influenced the urban development of these towns until today. The aim of this chapter is to present the outcome of Habsburg urban regulation and accompanied orthogonal imprint in four towns, selected as case studies. The previous periods, as well as the recent challenges, are also considered. In the conclusion, the uniqueness and identity of these towns is discussed, regarding the morphing and transformations of their urban patterns during the selected periods.en
dc.publisherIGI Global
dc.sourceDesigning Grid Cities for Optimized Urban Development and Planning
dc.titleThe orthogonal urban matrix of the towns in Vojvodina, Northern Serbia: Genesis and transformationen
dcterms.abstractСтупар, Aлександра; Aнтонић, Бранислав; Ђукић, Aлександра;
dc.citation.other: 128-156

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