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dc.creatorŠipetić, Nemanja
dc.creatorFurundžić, Danilo
dc.creatorSavić, Mikana
dc.description.abstractWithout the development of the underground planning and construction it is not possible to reach the urban compactness and avoid the horizontal spreading of the cities. Maybe the biggest obstacle in achieving the sustainability of the urban areanowdays, is the shallow placing of the singular infrastructural installations, which are, on top of everything, inadequately planned. The analysis of the existing infrastructural networks and the legislative regarding the placing of the underground installations show the inefficient use of the unrenewable underground medium in Belgarde (Republic of Serbia). By using the differently defined types of the utility tunnels in urban planning, we can find new possibilities for integrating the installations and contribute to their sustainability and to the rational use of the underground space. The purpose of this paper is to, in two adopted Detailed Urban Plans, which depict the characteristic polarity in approach to the planning in Belgrade over a significant time period, implement a new model and scope of planning of the infrastructural installations, based on the systematic use of the different UUTs. The systematic planning of the undergorund infrastructural installations, with the new recommended model, will result in reduction of the occupation of the undeground medium percentwise. Consequently, the new legal frame in the domain of the underground infrastructural planning in Serbia will have to be established, by using the integrated UUTs. Also, because of the universal quality of the new model, it is applicable in other urban areas that have similar or identical concept of the urban planning.en
dc.publisherThe Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS)
dc.sourceACUUS 2018 - 16th World Conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Spac
dc.subjectInfrastructural installationsen
dc.subjectUnderground planningen
dc.subjectUtility tunnelsen
dc.titleThe defining of the models for the infrautructural installation planning in Belgrade through the use of the integrated underground utility tunnelsen
dcterms.abstractСавић, Микана; Шипетић, Немања; Фурунджић, Данило;
dc.citation.other: 485-494

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