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dc.creatorIvanović-Šekularac, Jelena
dc.creatorŠekularac, Nenad
dc.description.abstractDuring the Middle Ages, in the Balkans, situated in the south part of Europe, different materials were used for covering the buildings of that time. It is supposed that most of the oldest medieval buildings were originally covered with slate used as the final covering. The tendency in retaining the slate roof covering in some buildings and keeping the appearance of these monuments as well as the reuse of stone as an authentic covering material is possible only by the application of the modem principles of double ventilated roofs. Applying the modem pinciples of double ventilated roofs using stone as the main roof covering performed in this way, the conservation of frescos more than nine centuries old as well as the successful reconstruction of medieval buildings of priceless worth will be made possible as a way of contribution to the whole world cultural inheritance.en
dc.sourceResearch in Building Physics and Building Engineering - Proceedings of the 3rd Int Conf
dc.titleThe application of modern principles of double ventilated roofs using stone as the main roofer in the renovation of the medieval buildingsen
dcterms.abstractШекуларац, Ненад; Ивановић-Шекуларац, Јелена;
dc.citation.other: 489-493

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