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dc.creatorĆuković-Ignjatović, Nataša
dc.creatorIgnjatović, Dušan
dc.description.abstractIt is estimated that some 45% of Belgrade's building stock could be efficiently upgraded regarding the energy use and overall environmental impact. However, the costs of renovation are usually the most discouraging factor and main obstacle for practical implementation. At the moment there is no government initiative for housing sector and there are no available funds that would support energy efficient renovations. Lateral and vertical extensions open opportunities not only for technical aspects of energy optimisation but can be very encouraging for tenants/investors to engage such interventions providing instant benefits in terms of gained surface and rather short period of overall payback time. The paper explores the possibilities, scale and economic impact of such interventions applicable on the most common building types for Belgrade urban area. Methods and typology are based on the results of scientific project "Energy optimization of buildings in context of sustainable architecture" conducted by the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade.en
dc.sourcePLEA 2006 - 23rd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Conference Proceed
dc.titleSome possibilities of extensions in building renovationen
dcterms.abstractИгњатовић, Душан; Ћуковић-Игњатовић, Наташа;

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