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      A model for classifying building elements in the design documentation - establishment and application [1]
      Adaptive principles in architectural design [1]
      Aesthetic manipulation of the experience of architectural space - through an analysis of Christian sacral architecture of the second half of the XX century [1]
      Application of environmental art practices in architectural design of everyday spaces [1]
      Architectural competition practice and the issue of the autonomy of architecture [1]
      Architectural fiction: project and reality beyond reality [1]
      Coherence and simple polytopes [1]
      Comparison of the quality of ambient lighting realized by metal-halide and LED light sources [1]
      Defining model of profitability evaluation for planned urban parameters of residential-business zones in Belgrade [1]
      Design models for increasing the recreational quality of abandoned open public spaces [1]
      Design of seismic resistant architectural structures by using panels of construction glass or polycarbonates [1]
      Estimation of residential building evelopes' energy performance using the infrared thermography method [1]
      Exhibitionary practices of architecture in Yugoslavia and Yugoslav cultural space from 1945 to 1991. [1]
      Formation of the urban management model in the implementation of strategic projects [1]
      Generic Framework of Architectural Project: Instrumentalizing Typological Ambivalence [1]
      Housing as an activator of urban development in shrinking cities: the case of cities in Vojvodina [1]
      Identification of the design strategy based on the topological method in contemporary architecture [1]
      Implementation of the principles of built heritage protection and presentation in the medieval fortified towns in Serbia [1]
      Improving social housing model in Belgrade within the new paradigms of urban planning and architectural design [1]
      Improving the concept of spatial planning development of public services in Serbia in accordance with the principles of sustainable development [1]