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dc.creatorMaruna, Vladimir
dc.creatorMaruna, Marija
dc.description.abstractPaper presents abstract Urban Planning meta-model specified with with some of the contemporary IT notations such as BPMN, BPEL and UML. Presented meta-model is based on contemporary IT modeling discourse, Modeling Driven Architecture (MDA) concept, agile modeling etc. Meta-model is outlined through specification of Urban Planning Artifacts such as Planning Entities, Processes, Events, Roles and Rules, using OO paradigm and design patterns which are widely and successfully used within the IT industry. This specification is continuation of an effort in establishing of the Urban Planning Methodology and the related Urban Planning Model, being more elaborate in presentation, thoroughly explained through various approaches, levels of details and aspects in numerous papers and researches made within and outside Urban Planning community. It is also a part of the more extensive authors' efforts aiming to present, advocate and explain Urban Planning Methodology as mutation/form of application and intelligent use of the proven IT modeling approach for urban planning and development. The paper is, therefore, another step in the first iteration of this effort aiming to establish Data and/or OO Urban Planning meta-model.en
dc.publisherUtrecht University
dc.sourceProceedings of 10th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, CU
dc.subjectPlanning artifactsen
dc.subjecturban planningen
dc.titlePreliminary oo specification of planning artifacts-Urban planning modelen
dcterms.abstractМаруна, Марија; Маруна, Владимир;
dc.citation.other: 1-17

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