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dc.creatorKrstić-Furundžić, Aleksandra
dc.creatorKosorić, Vesna
dc.description.abstractThe research on improvement of energy performances of the existing building in suburban settlement Konjarnik in Belgrade, by application of active solar systems: solar thermal collectors and PV modules, is presented in the paper. The case study shows different design variants of integration of solar thermal collectors and PV modules in envelope of a multifamily building. Considering integration complexity of active solar systems, the following aspects of active solar systems integration are analyzed in the paper: energy, architectural, ecological and economic aspects. Keeping in mind all these aspects, parameters and criteria for evaluation of design variants are established. According to the established evaluation methodology, the design variant with the highest evaluation value is selected as optimal.en
dc.sourcePLEA 2009 - Architecture Energy and the Occupant's Perspective: Proceedings of the 26th Internationa
dc.subjectArchitectural integrationen
dc.subjectBuilding refurbishmenten
dc.subjectImprovement of energy performancesen
dc.subjectReduction of CO 2 emissionsen
dc.subjectSolar systems applicationen
dc.titleImprovement of energy performances of existing buildings in suburban settlementsen
dcterms.abstractКосорић, Весна; Крстић-Фурунджић, Aлександра;

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